Friday, September 20, 2013

At Long Last

Today was the last day of the third week of classes. I'm carrying nearly a full teaching load this semester but still managing to be out of my office and into the car by 3:00 p.m. each day to pick my kids up from school. When I pulled into the driveway this afternoon I spied a FedEx package on the porch. Todd often receives desk copies of textbooks at home, so I was pleasantly surprised to see my own name on the label—but I couldn't remember what I'd ordered. 

Well, by now you've guessed the punch line. I have a book! Just one copy, overnighted to me by my wonderful publisher so I can have and hold and take pictures and then hold the thing some more. I'm sure there will be a much larger box on my porch next week.

I like thinking of boxes of The Fifth Season on their way to Chicago Distribution Center, Ingram, and Baker & Taylor. From distributors to booksellers and then to yo

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