Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Back!

Snow mixed with the early morning rain, and my sixteen-year-old quipped, “They should cancel school. We can’t possibly drive in this dangerous weather.” My poor deprived kids. The rest of the country has been hip deep in snow more than a few times, while here on the West Coast we’ve had a very mild winter.

The thirteen year old stayed home with a cold today, which means I skipped out on my office hours to keep her company and do my grading at home. By noon the sky cleared to patches of blue and intermittent sunshine. Fuzzy buds paw their way out of the tips of the aspen branches, while crocuses and tulips—maybe even some daffodils—push up like green periscopes all over the garden.

June is only four months away—and my freezer is still full of berries from last summer! My daughter mixed berries and flour and sugar in proportions that seemed right to us both. I preheated the oven while she forked together a topping of oatmeal and brown sugar.

I return to this blog with nothing of consequence to report. Just a taste of the seasons all jumbled together and offered to the ones I love.


  1. Love the images of fuzzy buds pawing out and bulbs pushing up periscopes. Glad to see your blog has returned.

  2. Green periscopes. Love it!
    I also love that I know exactly where you took the photo in your blog masthead. :-)