Friday, September 17, 2010

Comfort Food

I'm so pleased to let you know that my essay, "Comfort Food," appears in the September 2010 issue of Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction.


  1. I'm so pleased to have had the opportunity to read the essay. Fantastic!

  2. Cheese! And bread! And biscuits on your plate! Haha. Love the word bubble. Enjoyed our conversation over coffee today. And I liked the essay "How I learned the Gospel by heart..." Heh heh. You don't know me very well yet. I didn't think it was that "edgy" at all. :-)

  3. I just read your fine essay, Lisa. And as you taught me to do (when I can find it), you added a layer of meaning to elevate the whole with that last sentence.