Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Keeping the Wilds at Bay

I pulled weeds today, and I cut back the crazy wisteria vine—it’s pretty, but annoying. A few months ago I'd chopped back a dead shrub as far as I could, thinking Todd could help me yank out the rest later. Long grasses have since grown up through what's left of the shrub's dry branches, and when I pulled up those grasses I saw new glossy leaves emerging. Maybe I won’t yank the stump just yet. After surveying my work, I also trimmed the daffodil and tulip growth to about five inches.

When I placed the tulip trimmings into the compost bin, I saw how the blackberries are taking over the side stairs. My youngest daughter likes to say, “Blackberries want to take over the world.” To keep my tale from getting as long and prickly as a blackberry vine, imagine eight trips up the stairs to the compost bin as I gingerly balance an armload of brambles. Oh, and I cut back the rosemary, too. I have no idea what time of year I should be cutting back rosemary, but I have a feeling it doesn’t matter.

You see, it’s happening again. Now begins the cutting and pruning and showing those plants who’s boss. The rains are falling and the days are warmer (or soon will be) and everything just grows. This temperate rain forest is perfect for a haphazard gardener like me. The weeds thrive, sure, but so far the trees and shrubs and flowers do, too. I cut boldly, knowing that these darlings will all grow back soon enough. No worries about trimming too much. This is a good way to live.

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