Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rain Returns

My weeks-long absence from the blog is directly related to a weeks-long spell of beautiful clear weather here in western Oregon.

When Thanksgiving weekend came and it wasn’t raining, we decided to go ahead and cut down our Christmas tree—quickly, before it starts raining again! Day after dry day we waited for the clouds to take hold and the rain to fall. We’ve had gorgeous dry weather (and a decorated Christmas tree) for nearly three weeks now.

Today the rain is back, tapping on the skylight, glossing the deck, clinging to the bare aspen branches then falling from them like slow tears. It’s midmorning as I write this, but dark enough that our Christmas tree lights look merry, and in their dim light I cannot see the plentitude of needles I know are sprinkled over and around the wrapped gifts.

Autumn’s nearly over and I never did get my extended, dreary, Gothic season. Not that I’m complaining. It’s nice to have expectations turned upside down sometimes. It is, after all, a season for surprises.

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