Friday, November 25, 2016

A Gift Certificate for the Writer in Your Life

Many years ago my husband, Todd, saw a spark in me I had ignored for years in light of the pressing needs of three preschoolers and my responsibilities as a stay-at-home mom. First, Todd gave me the gift of an online writing class. When the class was over and I was writing regularly in the wee hours of the morning before the kids were up, Todd arranged and paid for a series of mentorships with more experienced writers. Without those mentorships, my writing life would have languished. I needed guidance and specific feedback that went beyond a "how to" book, and my mentors provided the outside input that eventually ushered me into a robust writing life, published essays, and a first book. I went on to do graduate work in creative writing, publish two more books and many more essays, and to teach and mentor other writers. I love my writing life—but I wouldn't be where I am now without my husband's confidence in my gifts and his practical and financial support.

Now I'm a writing mentor myself, and I can offer the very services that made all the difference for me when I was getting started. I've created three holiday packages this year, and each one includes an attractive gift certificate in a holiday gift bag.

$300 / Mentorship
Individualized feedback on up to three essays or memoir excerpts (up to 7,000 words in total). The writer will submit work to me on mutually agreed upon deadlines, and for each writing submission I will provide either 1-3 single-spaced pages of feedback or 1-3 comments per page. Along with the gift certificate, the writer in your life will receive a signed copy of my limited-edition craft book, Creative Nonfiction Toolbox: Exploring Form and Method. The book includes my five chapters on writing craft along with a six-essay anthology including work by Brenda Miller, Bret Lott, Lee Martin, and others.

$150 / Consulting
Two hours of manuscript feedback, one-on-one instruction, coaching, or advice.

$100 / Essay-length manuscript evaluation (up to 3,000 words)
1 – 3 comments per page plus a 5 – 10 minute screencast or one page of single-spaced feedback.

Mad Money / Credit of any amount to be spent on any combination of services (editing, critique, publishing guidance, consulting). Certificate can be printed to reflect hours rather than dollar amount. Email me directly if you're interested in this option.

Once you purchase a certificate, I will be in touch via email (or phone if you prefer) within 24 hours to confirm receipt and gather any necessary information about the services you’d like to purchase. I will ship the same day via Priority Mail. Certificate and gift bag can be mailed to you (the giver) or directly to the recipient—just let me know your preference. 

I can only guarantee pre-Christmas delivery for orders placed before December 20, but for orders placed after December 20, I will be happy to provide a digital gift certificate by return email or Christmas Day email from me to your loved one.

Use the "Buy Now" button in the right-hand menu to purchase your gift certificate or email me directly to arrange for the package you choose. lisaohlenharris (at)

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